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If you as much as touch Sasuke, I will pass on classified Village intel to every enemy nation.”


     "There's no meaning to a flower unless it blooms."

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baka-naruto sent:

[/Noms on his head.]


"Don’t do that, Naruto." 

the-miranda-mythos sent:

Oh, was that a wink? That was totally a wink. Sorry to bust in. Someone saying "fat" and "beautiful" in the same sentence is like a Bat signal for me. Because hello, fat babe here. I... can totally fix this. *She motioned to the broken fourth wall and the smashed wall of the askbox. Whoops.*

"Do not worry about that, Miranda, that thing tends to get broken at least once a week, the landlord has already hired someone to check up on it every Sunday. They will be here to fix it in the morning."

"In the meantime, would you like to stay over for some tea? I got a new flavor, it is called Youthberry! It is a white tea made from pineapple and acai berries."

sakuraflowerbloom sent:

"Lee..." Mai said, blushing as she walked up to him. "I've liked you for a while now..." Her hands clasped behind her back. "I wanna become your friend and get to know you!" A brilliant smile spread across her lips as she giggled softly.

"Oh! Good afternoon Mai, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!"


"I would be more then happy to be your friend! You seem to be a very youthful person, and your smile radiates brighter then the sun itself! We shall be wonderful friends, I am sure of it!"

the-miranda-mythos sent:

You can kiss a few other things too. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ



breakthecage sent:

Touching the booty.


the-miranda-mythos sent:

*whispers* You can kiss my fat ass, though. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ


Anonymous sent:

*HUGS* Have a youthful day Lee-san!!!

"Thank you very much for the wonderful hug, my dearest comrade! May you also have a safe, wonderful day filled with youth!"


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the-miranda-mythos sent:


"No Miranda, do not give them that pleasure!"


"Your marvelous cheeks should not be touched by unworthy scum, they are far too valuable and beautiful to be tarnished."

Anonymous sent:

I am proud of you for telling off that Anon...

"It was the right thing to do!"


"I refuse to allow this youthful environment to be tarnished by such ignorant thinking."

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themissingwidow sent:

Yay. To the "fat babe" she probably has the best thighs you'd ever lay'd your eyes on-fuck anon hate. Bigger girls are just as beautiful as stick thin girls with thigh gaps.

"Say it loud and proud, my youthful comrade!"


"It is such a shame that some people cannot understand such a basic concept. Beauty is universal, it is not like we are trying to teach rocket science."


"when you’re this tall, maybe you can become hokage."

more father-son bonding, because naruto’s relationship with iruka is the best in the series! let’s take a moment to appreciate them, instead of ship wars!!