naruto meme: two pairings (1/2)

Kakashi through the years

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Yes. Tenten managed to cut herself with bread 8’D

bless you and your art


Effects overload OTL

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add me on skype so we can just have eachother as contacts and not really talk to eachother because i am unable to begin a conversation

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hanging out w/ friends:





❝ I feel so annoying… ❞

"Ino-san, are you alright?"

"Is there any way that I can help you feel better?"

Friendly reminders about roleplaying with me;;

♥ I have skype  and will gladly share it if asked for it.
♥ I love plotting and it is always much appreciated.
♥ I love asks of all kinds! Want to know something ooc? Send it in! Want to ask my muse questions that relate overall to fandom? Send it in! Want to ask my muse questions that pertain to a certain verse? Send it in!
Short paras via ask are love.
Random starters are SUPER love.
Most of all : never be afraid to approach me because I’m the biggest dork and as intimidating as a happy feet dancing penguin.

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