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Good afternoon, my youthful comrades! I am Konoha's Beautiful Green Wild Beast — Rock Lee! My ambitions in life are to become a Taijutsu master, to protect those I love, and to one day become an excellent mentor like Gai-sensei!

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What if Rock Lee's parents were royalty and years later some distant relative finds Rock Lee and telle him he's a prince and then something like The Princess Diaries happens and idk its late I'm tired so here take this.


Lol I forgot he was some 13-14 at that time. My bad man. He looked older that's all.

It’s fine! I just personally don’t accept the hc, but I don’t want to diss on anyone who does accept it, that’s not cool.


besides, keeping away from the age thing for a moment, I still think it’s more sentimental that Gai is just this totally unrelated dude who in the midst of his own life, just found this little Academy student who was struggling along with his dream, and wanted to be that extra push he needed to continue on.

(then that leads up to my hc where Gai actively sought out to ensure that Lee would be his pupil by talking with the Hokage, but lol that’s slightly off topic)



Imagine it was Gai who was his father but in some accident his wife or lover died and he thought he lost his son/child in that accident, and then in some lucky event lee was found by some foster parents and was raised and given a chance to go to the ninja academy. And Gai met lee. His lost son. Which explains their extreme close connection like father like son. And when Gai says “lee you’re like a son to me” he’s actually legit his son. Tagging fuzzybrowss cause I know it’ll make you cry


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